The cambridge doughnut

5 06 2009

Well that week went really quickly, needless to say it was full of good intentions, and you know how the road to hell is.

Actually it wasn’t all bad, this week I promised to kick start myself by losing some weight and proving to myself that I can get by without eating like a pig all the time. Success, mind over matter, didn’t even have a drink!! The best thing was today I went out with the red runners again, felt good, did the run and on an empty stomach!

So it was back to the lake, no hills and it wasn’t so hot. But it felt good to be able to keep going again. A special thanks to Peter for keeping them all at a nice slow pace for me 🙂  Was still shattered, and cold, when I got in though.

Now I feel ready to get started in more earnest.


PS OK, I admit, I did cheat. I was at a clients just before running and I didn’t resist the doughnut – yum yum. But it was the only time I cheated all week.


One week less to go

30 05 2009

One week less to go, one week more when I’ve done no exercise. This blog is meant to reflect the exercise I have been doing, how prepared I am for the Marathon and encourage you to donate to a great cause (Spinal Injuries Association).

It currently seems like “it’s Friday, it’s the end of the week and I’ve done no more exercise”. At least that’s better than “it’s Friday, it’s five to five and it’s crackerjack”, I never did like that programme.

WELL YOU’RE WRONG – I went running tonight. I joined the red runners and set off in the baking heat to complete what I thought would be a gentle jog round Willen lake. They turned right and ran straight up a hill into Campbell park. Needless to say, I struggled (can I have some sympathy donations now please). In fact this week could be described as “it’s even worse than having done no exercise, I’ve realised just how hard this is going to be” I ended up walking for lots of the route and got back completely knackered, no energy to even have a shower (or drink red wine)!!!!

Moral of the story – get out and do something more often!

Bank holiday traffic jams

22 05 2009

So a week later, it’s Friday afternoon before a bank holiday weekend; I’m stuck in a traffic jam travelling down to Swanage for a great weekend of diving onboard the Mary Jo with some good friends.

I suddenly realise that I have, of course, done no exercise yet and I have one week less to go. Start a blog I thought, make it more public that I’m actually going to do this (what is it about that word – actually, where did that creep into the english language in its’ current form – I’m actually going to – how does that mean anything different to “I’m going to”?)

So the blog was created you can now track my pain as I prepare for the London Marathon, and my targets will go up on here too. Of course I shall (haven’t yet) get a donate here button as well. Is that pay per blog?

We did eventually get out of the traffic, but thoughts of me jogging along the beach on arrival were dashed by the sight of the pub and fish & chip shop. I couldn’t jog the next two days as I was full of post dive nitrogen – that’s my excuse Pete and I’m sticking to it (Pete by the way is an excellent personal trainer, I may yet need some assistance in this area).

Conclusion: 1 week less to prepare, 1 week more of no activity completed 😦

Champagne, cake and women

15 05 2009

Champagne, cake and women – a dangerous mixture as the rest of this blog will now demonstrate, in fact the very existence of this blog now demonstrates.

I was spending a few hours with a brilliant charity (The Spinal Injuries association); brilliant not just because it’s a good cause, but also because of how professionally and well they are run. There are some charities I wouldn’t want to be associated with, the SIA are at the other end of that scale.

Back to the story; sitting next to the fund raising team organising next year’s London Marathon, i uttered (well more like whispered to myself) “I’d like to do that”. I thought it had gone unnoticed, Gwen Pearson (Head of fund raising) didn’t say anything – but OH NO. So here I am suddenly realising I am committed after champagne and cake (it was their 35th anniversary) to running the London Marathon and my target is to raise £2000 for the SpPinal Injuries Association.

Jon leaves meeting thinking yes I’ll do some exercise this week…..