New fundraising – flypaper anybody?

16 06 2009

What a second day on the trot (excuse the pun)!! I am now officially a transformer.

That is, transformed from tired human, with a small amount of will power at 6:31 who heads off into the sunny evening to be transformed into mobile flypaper by 6:47. Perhaps I could sell myself out in this guise to raise the rest of the money for the SIA. What’s more it was ultra special flypaper, it had three target zones, which guaranteed to get nearly every fly around – yes that’s two corneas and the back of the throat (you know, the really dry bit, just when you can’t swallow or get enough moisture in your mouth to wash them out. Now feeling lots more sorry for kids in the desert who have fly infested eyes.

A different route tonight, bit shorter – need to get back to deal with an alarm salesman!! Or is that I’m alarmed as I let a salesman meet me. So across the farm, where all the sheep must stand when making manure and from then on followed by tiny flies. Nearly ran into a tree at one point as I tried to clean my eye, whilst still running.

For those of you that have been following the washing machine sage, too much running is not good for the pile of unwashed clothes though. Manky clothes overfloweth, good job I have a spare room. 3 miles 30 minutes, still OK, calf muscles not so good tonight and wish I could breathe for the first 10 minutes.




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