Is it starting to happen?

15 06 2009

Sunday – best excuse in the world for not running – nitrogen. Can I do that on marathon morning and get away with it? Probably not, but it was a lovely day under the water. Hey-ho, maybe I won’t get there – I need a coach, interesting one suddenly realises that I know all the theories (click here to see why I ought to), but the real value in coaching is somebody pushing you further.

Monday – Really getting into this, wanted to sleep and drink, but instead of that I went running!! Down to the thrift and up the nasty mudslide hill, which seemed really easy today.

Back up the hill was fine, and along the top again started to feel it on the outside front top of my legs, just coming into the knees. Was OK when I got in though, so not in need of my wonderful physio just yet 🙂

What I’d like to know is why I’m so out of breath for the first 10 minutes, and then fine, but please don’t just tell me it’s because everything else is aching by then instead. Back in forty minutes again




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