Now to master running and looking cool

10 06 2009

Now things are really on the way, another four and a half mile run (cut out the last half as I thought I didn’t have time); and felt great at the end. What’s more I mastered the urge to open front door and collapse onto sofa!

Got back after a long day of networking and drinking tea (and doing some work), and got changed instantly to get out down to the the thrift. Across the village (still feeling like I couldn’t breathe), down the hill (now starting to feel OK) and up the nasty little mudslide hill, back down the hill again, round the thrift, back up the hill (just about) and home, sprinting the last 1/4 of a mile. Top half of my legs, outsides a bit sore (that’s about as medical as it gets).

As I do the last mile I’m thinking it’s time now to get some targets and a plan up on the blog so there’s no getting out of it.

When I finished and looked at my watch, four and a half miles, forty minutes I’m thinking not bad, until…..   a friend knocked on the front door thirty seconds after I’d walked in; her reaction suggested that I looked like I’d just had a heart attack, had my lungs removed, as well as several other major issues. Once I stopped her from wanting to call the emergency services all was well. Oh well, maybe there’s some more I’ve got to do yet – do the running and look cool.

Spinal Injuries Association pack arrived today, look out for sponsorship requests soon, perhaps you’ll have to pay per blog!




One response

12 06 2009

Lovin’ the jogblog. Good to know that you’re actually enjoying it. The sense of achievement is well worth it all. Keep it up, and keep me posted!

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