Sexual allure, wind and running?

17 06 2009

Third day on the trot (excuse bad pun), I’m out again, another four and a half miles, up and down nasty hills and feeling OK. Felt slower coming back up the final hill, although overall still back in 40 minutes 🙂

The wind started up suddenly whilst out and made me run fast in one direction only (nearly as bad as my windsurfing), at least I wasn’t flypaper this time. Dripping sweat, windswept and bits of rain must all add together to create the sexual allure – but it’s much more likely to refer to my work blog about temptation and sexual allurem that I was thinking about whilst running; sorry I know that’s a bit boring!

OMG – done it, now booked onto my first half marathon, apparently I have 120 days left 😦


New fundraising – flypaper anybody?

16 06 2009

What a second day on the trot (excuse the pun)!! I am now officially a transformer.

That is, transformed from tired human, with a small amount of will power at 6:31 who heads off into the sunny evening to be transformed into mobile flypaper by 6:47. Perhaps I could sell myself out in this guise to raise the rest of the money for the SIA. What’s more it was ultra special flypaper, it had three target zones, which guaranteed to get nearly every fly around – yes that’s two corneas and the back of the throat (you know, the really dry bit, just when you can’t swallow or get enough moisture in your mouth to wash them out. Now feeling lots more sorry for kids in the desert who have fly infested eyes.

A different route tonight, bit shorter – need to get back to deal with an alarm salesman!! Or is that I’m alarmed as I let a salesman meet me. So across the farm, where all the sheep must stand when making manure and from then on followed by tiny flies. Nearly ran into a tree at one point as I tried to clean my eye, whilst still running.

For those of you that have been following the washing machine sage, too much running is not good for the pile of unwashed clothes though. Manky clothes overfloweth, good job I have a spare room. 3 miles 30 minutes, still OK, calf muscles not so good tonight and wish I could breathe for the first 10 minutes.

Is it starting to happen?

15 06 2009

Sunday – best excuse in the world for not running – nitrogen. Can I do that on marathon morning and get away with it? Probably not, but it was a lovely day under the water. Hey-ho, maybe I won’t get there – I need a coach, interesting one suddenly realises that I know all the theories (click here to see why I ought to), but the real value in coaching is somebody pushing you further.

Monday – Really getting into this, wanted to sleep and drink, but instead of that I went running!! Down to the thrift and up the nasty mudslide hill, which seemed really easy today.

Back up the hill was fine, and along the top again started to feel it on the outside front top of my legs, just coming into the knees. Was OK when I got in though, so not in need of my wonderful physio just yet 🙂

What I’d like to know is why I’m so out of breath for the first 10 minutes, and then fine, but please don’t just tell me it’s because everything else is aching by then instead. Back in forty minutes again

It’s friday, but it’s not crackerjack :)

12 06 2009

Friday night around here means pay homage to Willen Lake, the peace pagoda and doing stretches by the strangely clad tree of prayers. What’s happening to my world?

OK, in Elglish its the red run again, easier today – or was petrifying Pete just being nice to me?

Felt a bit faster as we headed off, but I coped better not knowing where we were going this time and the Milton Keynes mountain seemed it’s real tiny self.

In fact if Pete was trying to be nice when he gave us a couple of breaks and slowed down sometimes it had the opposite effect, I wanted to keep going – apart from being told to sprint up the hill again that is. At least there were no sprints around the stairs this time.

Now to master running and looking cool

10 06 2009

Now things are really on the way, another four and a half mile run (cut out the last half as I thought I didn’t have time); and felt great at the end. What’s more I mastered the urge to open front door and collapse onto sofa!

Got back after a long day of networking and drinking tea (and doing some work), and got changed instantly to get out down to the the thrift. Across the village (still feeling like I couldn’t breathe), down the hill (now starting to feel OK) and up the nasty little mudslide hill, back down the hill again, round the thrift, back up the hill (just about) and home, sprinting the last 1/4 of a mile. Top half of my legs, outsides a bit sore (that’s about as medical as it gets).

As I do the last mile I’m thinking it’s time now to get some targets and a plan up on the blog so there’s no getting out of it.

When I finished and looked at my watch, four and a half miles, forty minutes I’m thinking not bad, until…..   a friend knocked on the front door thirty seconds after I’d walked in; her reaction suggested that I looked like I’d just had a heart attack, had my lungs removed, as well as several other major issues. Once I stopped her from wanting to call the emergency services all was well. Oh well, maybe there’s some more I’ve got to do yet – do the running and look cool.

Spinal Injuries Association pack arrived today, look out for sponsorship requests soon, perhaps you’ll have to pay per blog!

Targets :(

9 06 2009

As any good coach will tell you – and if you need one for your business,  click here 🙂  goals, targets and measurement are good for performance.

So here starts the list (more to follow after consultation with a great fitness coach)

Rain, mud and the New Forest …

7 06 2009

WOW, for the first time since my knee started playing up I’ve got out and run on my own. What’s more I feel good.

Why did I choose the one time when it’s rained all day though? Out across Cranfield, down the hill, through the long (wet) grass, round the thrift, back up the hill (just about) and home to remember how good this can feel. Roll on next week, I might even get a timetable going now……

Then the hard work starts, how will I raise £2,000 for the Spinal injuries association? Any ideas welcome 🙂

Nearly booked onto the half marathon in the New Forest, ideal timing apart from one problem – I’m spending that weekend with the German fleet from word war one. So help needed, where else can I do a half marathon late September / early October?