Bank holiday traffic jams

22 05 2009

So a week later, it’s Friday afternoon before a bank holiday weekend; I’m stuck in a traffic jam travelling down to Swanage for a great weekend of diving onboard the Mary Jo with some good friends.

I suddenly realise that I have, of course, done no exercise yet and I have one week less to go. Start a blog I thought, make it more public that I’m actually going to do this (what is it about that word – actually, where did that creep into the english language in its’ current form – I’m actually going to – how does that mean anything different to “I’m going to”?)

So the blog was created you can now track my pain as I prepare for the London Marathon, and my targets will go up on here too. Of course I shall (haven’t yet) get a donate here button as well. Is that pay per blog?

We did eventually get out of the traffic, but thoughts of me jogging along the beach on arrival were dashed by the sight of the pub and fish & chip shop. I couldn’t jog the next two days as I was full of post dive nitrogen – that’s my excuse Pete and I’m sticking to it (Pete by the way is an excellent personal trainer, I may yet need some assistance in this area).

Conclusion: 1 week less to prepare, 1 week more of no activity completed 😦




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