Champagne, cake and women

15 05 2009

Champagne, cake and women – a dangerous mixture as the rest of this blog will now demonstrate, in fact the very existence of this blog now demonstrates.

I was spending a few hours with a brilliant charity (The Spinal Injuries association); brilliant not just because it’s a good cause, but also because of how professionally and well they are run. There are some charities I wouldn’t want to be associated with, the SIA are at the other end of that scale.

Back to the story; sitting next to the fund raising team organising next year’s London Marathon, i uttered (well more like whispered to myself) “I’d like to do that”. I thought it had gone unnoticed, Gwen Pearson (Head of fund raising) didn’t say anything – but OH NO. So here I am suddenly realising I am committed after champagne and cake (it was their 35th anniversary) to running the London Marathon and my target is to raise £2000 for the SpPinal Injuries Association.

Jon leaves meeting thinking yes I’ll do some exercise this week…..




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